Ultra Registry Cleaner & System Optimizer.
Fix PC Errors, Easy, Quick & Safe.
Redundant File Remover.
Memory Optimizer & Defrag Registry.
Protect Privacy & Erase History Securely.
No Computer Knowledge Required.
Speed up your PC with just one Click.
Top Rated
Boost Performance
& Optimize Speed
Ultra Optimizer - Don't Settle for Less!
Ultra Optimizer is the most advanced Windows Registry Cleaner and System Optimizer available anywhere today. It will Fix errors on your PC, and Increase your Systems Performance considerably. Our high tech scanning engine will detect & fix more errors on your computer then any other Registry cleaner Available. Ultra Optimizer has many build in tools, and is much more then an Advanced Registry Cleaner.

Some of its Features:
Build In Memory Optimizer.
Build in Registry Defragmentation Engine
Build in Evidence Eliminator & History Cleaner.
Secure File Deleter
Redundant File Remover
Optimise Internet Speed
Advanced Uninstaller
Privacy Protector & History Cleaner
more Features
Ultra Optimizer is the Ultimate tool to keep your PC running in its best possible shape.

Increase Performance.
Is your PC older then 3 Months?

Then chanches are big that the perfomance of your computer has decrease considerably.

The constant use of Windows, installing and removing new programs, cause the Windows Registry to Clutter. In most cases, your Computer Performance Decreases Signigicantly. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a utility, that saves your system resources and optimizes the performance of your windows. Please compare the two graphs below and see the differences this utility can make to your system.

The Graph below explains the difference between a normal and an optimised system:
Normal Average PC or Notebook:
Ultra Optimizer will increase your computer's perfomance and it will keep your computer in the best possible condition.

Fix PC Errors
Ultra Optimizer prevents Errors on your PC even before they occur
and will fix most common Windows Errors like:
Fix System Crashes.
Fix System Freezes.
Speed up Computing Performance.
Fix Runtime Errors .
Fix IE Errors & System32 Errors.
Repair DLL Errors.
Fix Computer Shutdown Problems.
Repair Application Problems.
Fix Javascript Problems.
Fix Windows Installer Errors.
Fix Active-X Errors.
Fix Memory Problems.
Fix Browser Plug-in Errors.
Repair Windows Startup Errors.
Fix Internet Explorer / Firefox Errors.
Fix Media Player Errors.
Solve Driver Malfunctions.
Solve Registry Malfunctions.
Fix Malfunctioning Hardware Errors.
Fix Windows Blue Screens.
Fix Problems with the Task Manager.
Repair Windows OS Problems.
Fix Chkdsk Errors.
Fix Dr. Watson Errors.
Fix Almost any Computer Error.
Ultra Optimizer prevents Errors on your PC even before they occur.

Windows Optimized Fine Tuning
Ultra Optimizer is Designed to Fine Tune All Windows Based computer Systems, in a safe and easy way.

You dont need to be a computer Expert to Fine Tune and Optimize your computer in the best possible way. The Software will deep scan your PC, automaticly create a backup, and suggests the optimal settings for your computer. No knowledge required!

Even very Novice users can take Full advantage of the Advanced system Optimizer!

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98 / SE
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows ME
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP 64 Bit
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows XP Vista
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1(Beta)

Ultra Optimizer - Don't Settle for Less!

Ultra Optimizer is Recommended by experts and editors as the world's best registry cleaner.
Save TimeSave time!
UltraOptimizer does the whole job for you: remove system errors, improve computer speed and Windows performance, all in just a few easy steps!

Save Money Save money!

Stop wasting money on software that does not do what you want or does it only partially! With UltraOptimizer, stability and performance is assured and its stability, reliability and integrity is one of the best around.

Concentrate Concentrate on the important thing!
Don't worry about protecting you and your computer any more! UltraOptimizer warns you whenever you need to be warned, and does not interrupt you from your other work unless absolutely necessary.

Enhanced functionality Enhanced functionality!
With UltraOptimizer, you now not only have the ability to protect your privacy, but you are also eliminating all traces of your surfing and day-to-day activities in just a few mouse clicks! Privacy protection has never been easier!

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